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The Pontifical Mission Societies include the Society for the
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Spirit of Advent: Sharing the Mission Message

As a mother, I worry about the difference between nagging and nudging; when I nag my children, I’m making demands, often being critical of something they have not done. When I nudge them, I’m getting their attention in a gentler manner. I am still (hopefully) prodding them into action.

During Advent, the students of St. Mary of the Hills School in Milton are allowing the national programs of the Holy Childhood Association (HCA) do just that – nudge them further into motion for the missions. The students are praying and making personal sacrifices so young people everywhere will come to know about Jesus’ message of hope, peace and love.

For the students at St. Mary’s, however, no nagging was necessary! These mission minded youngsters started off their school year by becoming members of the Holy Childhood Association. They received their Fall Newsletter and learned about the way their counterparts live, learn and love God in Thailand. Next, the school hosted a mission visit from our office. That day, the students learned they weren’t missionaries because they were HCA members but because they were baptized! They learned they have had a privilege not afforded to over 1 billion people on our planet – that of hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed to them. St. Mary’s students found this unacceptable. With their missionary momentum building, the students decided to have a bake sale, offering up for the missions their time and talent of cooking, baking and assembling saleable sized bags of tasty treats. Proceeds went to the missions of Haiti.

As Advent arrived, so did the HCA Mite boxes along with the Teacher’s guides. The guides are filled with mission prayers and activities (focusing on the children of Nepal this time) to remind members of the need to stay “awake” during this season; Jesus needs each one of us, children included, to be ready to show Him to the entire world one person at a time if necessary!

By being active members of the Holy Childhood Association, the young people of St. Mary of the Hills School are nudging each other to share the love of Jesus.

How will you share His message this Advent?

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