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Sunday, December 27, 2009

THINKING ‘FAMILY’ AT CHRISTMAS: The Loving Service of Religious Sisters in the Missions

In thinking about Christmas, children are immediately brought to mind. So many children in the Missions live with immense suffering, poverty, violence and all the related challenges. Thanks to the work and witness of Religious Sisters, these children also come to experience the message of God’s great love for us all, the “Good News” proclaimed by the angels that first Christmas.

On the island of Nias, Indonesia, a local Religious Community staffs an orphanage, as well as a school. The Sisters also visit a home for disabled children. “We help them to realize that they are not alone and that Jesus loves them,” explains Sister Adelina. “We love them as family.”

A continent away, in Zambia, Africa, Sister Ruby can tell you without hesitation who her family is – the orphans in Lusaka. As director of the Home of Joy in that city, she and her Sisters offer a home and education to orphans and children at risk. “These children who have lost their natural parents or whose parents are dying need to be loved and accepted by others,” Sister Ruby explains. “Our work requires providing the basic necessities of life. But above all, it is our actions that must help these young people feel that loving acceptance.”

“It is,” she adds, “what the Lord Himself would show them.”

In the Missions, at Christmas and throughout the year, there are countless children who need the care of the family of God. In so many of these places, they find that loving heart in the words and actions of Religious Sisters.

How can you make a difference for these children and the Sisters who bring them Christmas joy every day?

Your prayers are your first and greatest gift. Your financial support is needed as well. Whatever sacrifice you can make will be a blessing for the Missions – and most appreciated, especially in these challenging financial times here at home!

May you and your families know great joy and experience our Lord’s boundless love at Christmas and throughout the New Year!

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