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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waiting for the Mail

As a child, one of my favorite times of the day was when Mr. Buonomo, our mailman, would walk down the driveway. Although there was rarely anything for me, the possibility was still there and it made me skip to meet him at the mailbox. Somehow, mail call—even at work-- has never lost that thrill for me (although my office mates are probably grateful that I no longer skip to it!). The letters delivered now bring stories of the missions and the pictures that show how difficult the work of spreading the Gospel can be in remote areas of the world.

Recently, I received a letter of thanksgiving from Fr. Lavaud Christophe of Ch√Ęteau, Haiti. Fr. Christophe was ordained a priest early December 2008 along with two other men in the Diocese of Cayes. Because of the generosity of Bostonians who have given used vestments and altar supplies to our office, we were able to send each of these three men vestments of every color, a chalice, a paten and a ciborium to be used in their ministry.

Fr. Christophe sent pictures of his mountain “parish”, explaining how these items would be impossible for him to have obtained any other way; the area in which he works is so poor that although they do have simple structures in which to hold Mass, there is no rectory or parish building. Religious education classes are held outside!
Fr. Christophe explains, “The parish has nine chapels…the rectory is beginning but I can’t finish it. The same for the Church parochial center. We haven’t chairs in the ten localities! ...To visit a chapel, I need 3 or 4 hours to arrive and the same to come back, walking.”

And yet, as you can see from the pictures, the people he serves come in their Sunday best, hungry for the Bread of Life, thirsting for their children to drink in the proclamation of God’s Word.

Along with the letter and pictures came something more precious: the promise of prayers. Fr. Christophe assured me that the people of the Archdiocese of Boston would be in the prayers of the people of Chateau parish.

And that is why, although I’m not going to the end of the driveway, at least my heart still skips when I get the mail.

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