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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Work Continues - Haiti

A few weeks ago we featured the story of Fr. Lavaud Christophe, a newly ordained priest in Les Cayes, Haiti. Through donations of sacred vessels and vestments to our Propagation of the Faith office, Fr. Christophe was able to start his ministry with altar supplies that he would never have been able to afford. The earthquake hit Haiti just a few days after the story was published.

Last Friday we received news that Fr. Christophe has survived the devastation as did most of his parishioners; the meager parish buildings and most of the local housing described in the story were destroyed. Father tells us, “The poorest of the poor have nothing and they do not expect to get anything soon for they are so far in the remote mountain area of Haiti. God only knows.”

Regardless of the destruction, Fr. Christophe’s work goes on – Mass is being celebrated, babies baptized; the sacramental life of the Church remains.

Father’s story is just one of many we are hearing of the comfort being brought to local communities in Haiti by missionaries in whatever way they can.

Fr. Pepe Rodrigues Silverio, a Claretian missionary told Fides News Agency of carrying out “silent, sacrificial and effective work” as a driver. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Fr. Pepe has put his familiarity with the local roads to good use, transporting doctors and nurses and their equipment across the often blocked and crowded roads from his home country to Port-au-Prince. Driving for hours non-stop, Fr. Pepe refers to himself as a “humanitarian aid taxi driver”.

And so the work continues. Go to our main website ( for more updates from missionaries in Haiti. And please, keep the people of Haiti in your hearts and prayers.

The following have been enrolled as Perpetual Members of the Propagation of the Faith:
Barbara Rozyskie, Arthur Lionberger, Rev. Raymond J. Stegmann, Floyd Patterson, Michael Ford, Rev. Gerald D. Perno, Charles Skinner, Rose Di Giacomo, Mario Fainhas, John Fulton Lewis, Rev. Robert Drinan, Damien Nash, Paul Gallo, William Shannon, Judith & John Gregorian, John & Helen Tolczyk, Arthur & Phoebe Gregorian, John & Mary Boyle, John W. Sullivan, Diana C. & Daniel C. Montoya-Fontalvo, Luis Montoya, Miryam I. Fontalvo-Montoya, Isabel &Victor H. Fontalvo, Don, Paula, Sean, Marie, Kathleen & Alex Morgan, Joseph Jordan, Philip J. Matyi, Esther Annastacia & Dante R. Diercole

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