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Monday, March 1, 2010

Helping the Priest to Be “All” in Haiti

With Ash Wednesday past and Lent upon us, sacrifice seems to be in order. Should we give up a favorite snack? Take time to say an extra Rosary? Volunteer at a local charity? The answer, depending on our circumstances, is yes. Our “giving up”, however, takes on a new dimension when it is done to benefit others. This Lent, consider making those “others” the missionaries and local priests of Haiti.

Through emails, we are hearing stories of incredible dedication from these great people; though suffering alongside those they serve, the priests of Haiti are being called to move beyond their own trauma to comfort God’s people. Fr. Lavaud Christophe of Les Cayes writes of the doubling of his parish, from 15,000 to 30,000 people, due to refugees from the devastation in Port-au-Prince. He says that because of the destruction of all local government, “It must be said, the priest is all – (police) officer, mayor…he governs the family problems of all, economic and emotional. The Pastor is the only authority in the area.” Father ends with a plea: “Please friends, brother and sisters in God, help us.”

To that end, we would like to announce the sale of our annual Easter Mass Cards and Spiritual Enrollments. Individual Mass cards can be purchased for $5 each and enrollments of a person, living or deceased in a Novena of Masses are $3. Proceeds from Mass Offerings will be sent to Archbishop Bernadito Auza, Papal Nuncio for Haiti. We will ask the Archbishop to distribute these offerings to priests throughout Haiti so that they may benefit as many people as possible.

While prayerfully considering your participation in this program, think of these facts of life in Haiti received from Bishop Pierre-Andre Dumas, President of Caritas Haiti: over 180,000 are dead, over 200,000 missing; 1,500,000 people are internal refugees. In the capital of Port au Prince, 75% of homes are destroyed; other cities have lost everything as well but have not made the news. There are no more supermarkets, hospitals or government buildings. "But the Haitian people are a people who have dignity, they want to get up," said Bishop Dumas.

By the grace of God, we have the opportunity to sacrifice this Lent and, through their clergy, help Haitians do just that.

For more information on our Easter Mass cards and Enrollments, call 617-542-1776 or email

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