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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Faith-filled Education is the Key

On a recent visit to the Propagation office, Fr. Patrick McGillicuddy, C.Ss.R. shared details of his work in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fr. Pat has worked for many years with what he terms ‘the throw-aways’ of society – prostitutes, drug addicts and troubled young adults. He told us the work at his center, named for Our Lady of Perpetual Help, is not easy to promote because of the people who he serves. “There are no adorable children or cuddly elderly people to put on a poster,” he says. “These are people that society considers trouble; most of us would rather look away.”

Fr. Pat does not avert his gaze. Instead, he has welcomed all in faith; people find shelter, food, drug rehabilitation if they need it and, most importantly, education.

On this subject, he does not mince words. He tells us that many of the young people who come to him from the streets actually have the equivalent of a high school diploma. When they are tested for proficiency, however, they are found to be reading and writing at about a second grade level. They have been passed from grade to grade just to keep them moving through the system. Fr. Pat calls this “a disaster”.

Catholic schools in Brazil are not an option for these young people – they cannot afford the tuition. And so, they are left on the margins of their community to eke out a living any way they can unless they are blessed to have Fr. Pat enter their lives.

Because of support that he has received through the Propagation of the Faith in parishes across the Archdiocese of Boston, Fr. Pat offers people a new way of life. He invites them to learn about themselves, teaches them life skills and introduces them to the key: faith in Jesus. “We never force it on anyone, of course,” Father says with his slight Irish lilt. “But they all end up asking to be baptized – every one of them.”

After listening to Fr. Pat, in his own words (above) please say a prayer of thanksgiving for your own education that allows you to read this; add a prayer for those that Fr. Pat serves – the “least of our brothers and sisters.”
-Maureen Crowley Heil

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