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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Times to Remember

As the days grow shorter and more of our Advent candles burn low, very often our thoughts turn to time spent with family. Whether it’s remembrances of times past or anticipation of coming gatherings, as Christmas approaches we may find ourselves thinking more of those we love.

So it is in the Mission Office. Never far from our minds are the people of God that we serve: those with less than enough to eat, no access to medical care and most importantly, those who may not know how much Jesus loves them. We also keep the many missionaries who serve them close to our hearts and are strengthened by the many notes and cards that we receive during Advent thanking us (and you!) for help given over the past years. It is a special treat when a missionary visits us to keep us informed of the work being done in the name of the good people of Boston; we were blessed to have such a visitor recently.

Sr. Lisa Valentini, MSC, no stranger to the readers of this blog, had recently returned from a month spent in Haiti working with those whose earthquake related sufferings have been compounded by a cholera epidemic. Not only did Sr. Lisa share her stories with us, she spoke at Holy Family, Amesbury, MA and St. Helen, Norwell, MA at weekend Masses as part of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith’s Missionary Co Operative Program.

The students at St. Patrick School, Stoneham,MA, St. Jeanne D’Arc School in Lowell, MA and St. John the Evangelist Religious Education in Winthrop heard stories of her work at a children’s Nutrition Center turned cholera hospital; though not a nurse, Sister often worked 12-15 hour days caring for patients who would not have made it to a traditional hospital. She spoke of road blocks preventing supplies and doctors from arriving, of having only enough food for children ages 2-12. Thirteen year olds went hungry. Sister asked the students to pray and sacrifice through the Holy Childhood Association so that the little ones of Haiti could get the help they so desperately need and deserve.

At the end of our busy week, I asked Sr. Lisa what she would like you, our readers and donors, to know about her work; what was the single most important thing to tell you?

She said, simply, Tell them not to forget Haiti.”

Amen, Sister. We will not.
-Maureen Crowley Heil

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