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The Pontifical Mission Societies include the Society for the
Propagation of the Faith, the Missionary Childhood Association, the Society of St.Peter Apostle, and the Missionary Union of Priests and Religious. These Societies promote a prayerfulmissionary spirit among baptized Catholics and to gather a fund of support for the evangelizing and pastoral programs of more than 1,150 local churches of the Developing World.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Society Membership Honors Our Mothers and Fathers

For many years, Catholics have followed the custom of enrolling themselves or their loved ones, living or deceased, in Membership in the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. By doing so, they give an ongoing gift to the new member and to the missions. Membership means that the person enrolled receives the spiritual benefits of Masses said daily by mission priests; they are also included in the intentions of a daily Mass celebrated at the Vatican.

Every year we are pleased to offer special enrollments to help you celebrate and honor special family members – mothers and fathers. By offering $5 to the missions to enroll your family members, you help to expand the family of God through the work of missionaries.

In many mission locations, funds from Society Membership are a substantial means of support. One such place is the Diocese of Kasana-Luweero in Uganda. Through support from our One Family in Mission, children are educated and cared for, clean water is provided to the villagers to ensure a healthier lifestyle and local men and women are able to say “yes” to God and choose a life dedicated to His service. Work being done in the Diocese by the Apostles of Jesus Missionaries is vital to all these ministries and supported by the generosity of our donors.
Fr. Paul Gaggawala, A.J. and students

In a very real way, your Membership helps to bring that work to where it is most needed.

For more information on our Mother’s and Father’s Day Enrollments, please call 617-542-1776 or email

The following people have been enrolled in Perpetual Membership in
The Society for the Propagation of the Faith:

Daniel J. Buxhoeveden, Anne Marie Moore, Rita Ann Durand, Elijah J. Lopes, Louise J. Iverson, Pamela L. Peck, Jane Jeter ,William Rodrigues, Charles E. Burrows, Bob Feller, Sparky Anderson,
Dan McGaffey, George Blanda, Thomas Fucello, Bernard Quitt, Brendan Perry, Mildred Kinch, John Goyourian, Hon. Paul Garrity, Dr. Wilfred Butterfield, The Ron Nix Family, Bertha McCrae, Maurice Trant, Bernadette and Michael J. Neidl, Jr., Lillian and Paul Niles.

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