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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Heart, One Family

Throughout our history the Church has been blessed with dedicated religious communities of women. In our own Archdiocese many of us know the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the Sisters of Charity. Less familiar to some of us are the Little Sisters of the Assumption who work locally in Dorchester and South Boston. Cardinal Cushing first invited the Sisters into the Archdiocese and asked them to settle in Dorchester. Since they are an international community, present in more than twenty-four countries, he knew that they would be a good fit with the rapidly-developing multicultural population in Boston.

Their “charism,” or particular gift for ministry, embraces not only the spiritual needs of the people whom they serve, but also their physical and material needs. The Little Sisters have been present in Dorchester for over a half-century where they operate a Family Emergency Shelter on Magnolia Street. This Shelter, known as Project Hope, accommodates eight homeless mothers and their children. As a result of this initial venture, the Sisters have built a strong community identity through networking with other organizations.

The Sisters also offer programs leading to the GED for those who were unable to finish high school. Their efforts are aimed particularly at young mothers, assisting them to develop job skills that will enable them to support themselves and their children in a dignified manner. Finally, there is an Emergency Food Pantry that feeds more than 150 families every month.

Over and above their work in the Archdiocese they are primarily a missionary community. Whether in Central or South America, Africa, the Philippines, Europe, or New Zealand, the Little Sisters of the Assumption bring the presence of Christ to those whom they serve. In doing so, they contribute to the creation of “one heart, one family” wherever they minister.

For more information on the missionary work of the Church, see our website www.propfaithboston,org.

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