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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy Childhood “Wish Lists”: Bringing Jesus to All

During Advent, many children are spending their time making their Christmas “Wish Lists” in hopes of finding the newest gadgets and toys under the tree on Christmas morning. Holy Childhood Association (HCA) members from across the Archdiocese are working on more concrete things: they are praying and sacrificing so that children in the missions get what they truly need.

Students in the Religious Education program
at St. Clare Parish in Braintree have offered their time, talent and treasure for HCA. The Confirmation class served over one hundred people a spaghetti dinner at the parish; all proceeds went to the missions. Not to be outdone, the students in grades K-8 held a contest to guess how many pieces of candy were in a jar displayed at the Religious Education office. The missions, of course, were the real winners as students spent their own money knowing it would help poor children get what might be their only meal of the day from missionaries.

During a visit to the parish recently, students watched a presentation about HCA’s outreach to children in Ecuador. In the capital city of Quito, many children spend their days working as shoeshine boys instead of attending school so that their families have enough money buy food. When asked what these boys might have on their Christmas “wish list”, one second grade student offered this poignant response: opportunity.

The Holy Childhood Association gives our children the opportunity to not only thank God for their many blessings at this time of year but also to understand that the difference between the needs and wants of life can be tremendous depending on where you live.

At St. John the Baptist School in Peabody, new HCA members brainstormed ways to help fill that gap for others. They spoke of doing extra chores during Advent to fill their Mite boxes, giving up spare change, skipping the reward of a candy bar for good behavior and putting the money saved towards the needs of children around the world. One boy announced that he had already received money for Christmas to buy two video games; perhaps he would get just one and spend the rest helping children know that Jesus was born for them too.

This year, these children and all members of the Holy Childhood Association are spending their Advent making their own “Wish List” smaller in order make sure that all God’s children get what they need.

Come Lord Jesus!

-Maureen Crowley Heil

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