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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Holy Childhood Association: Helping Children “Do Something About It!”

Quite often while speaking to students at our Catholic schools or parish Religious Education programs, we talk about the marvelous works done by Jesus while He was here on earth. The children know the stories well and answer questions with zeal!
When Jesus saw a man who was blind, what did He do? ‘He made him see!’ is the instant response.  And what happened to the deaf man?  ‘He made him hear!’  We continue through this question and response as I arrive at a deeper question.  Are there still people alive today who are in need of Jesus’ healing touch?  The answer always thunders back at me: ‘Yes!’  Next, we come to the question that often gives the students pause; they wonder if it is a trick.  If people still need His help, where is Jesus now?  Many answer ‘In heaven’ or simply point upwards.  Some of their looks say to me ‘Doesn’t everyone know that?’
Then the final question: You mean He’s up in heaven sitting by the pool listening to angels sing?
We all have a good laugh at the thought but it usually takes a bit of cajoling for them to come to the answer - because we are baptized, Jesus is in all of us!  We are meant to be His hands in the world when we see others in need of Him, to be His voice when others need to hear the Good News of His Father.
Please notice I said it usually takes some time to get to this answer.  On a recent visit to St. John the Evangelist School in Canton, it was one of the littlest who knew the truth and wasn’t afraid to share it.  When asked where Jesus was, a Pre-K student solemnly proclaimed, “He’s in our hearts. And we better do something about it!”

The Holy Childhood Association gives our students the chance to “do something about it” every day through prayer and sacrifice for others.  As the Holy Father’s official mission society for children, HCA offers students in the developed world the opportunity to not only learn about the lives led by their mission brothers and sisters but also to evangelize those same children.  They become missionaries without ever leaving their hometowns.
For more information about how your students can learn to “do something about it!” and become members of The Holy Childhood Association, call 617-779-3871 or email
-Maureen Crowley Heil

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