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The Pontifical Mission Societies include the Society for the
Propagation of the Faith, the Missionary Childhood Association, the Society of St.Peter Apostle, and the Missionary Union of Priests and Religious. These Societies promote a prayerfulmissionary spirit among baptized Catholics and to gather a fund of support for the evangelizing and pastoral programs of more than 1,150 local churches of the Developing World.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saving Lives through Society Enrollment

A few weeks ago in this column, Fr. Copp wrote of one of our favorite “pen pals” here in the office – Archbishop Adrian Smith of Honiara. His letters are always full of great stories, detailing the lives and work of his people and how the Church is serving them.

Just today, a story came to us through Fides, the news service of our Vatican Office, showing us just how vital the support of donors to our Mission Societies is to the people in the South Seas. Honiara, in the Solomon Islands, is the capital city on the largest island of Guadalcanal. A major problem right now is urbanization – people are moving in from the provinces seeking employment, with no infrastructure to support them. Fides tells us this:

More than a third of the inhabitants of the city are facing serious health consequences due to lack of drinking water and health services. The families of Honiara must search for drinking water for cooking, drinking, and bathing every day. 92% of households do not have any water supply, forcing residents to collect their water from public fountains, wells, rivers or streams. In the slums there is no drinking water. These deficiencies have an impact on health, resulting in cases of dysentery, diarrhea and cholera. According to estimates by the United Nations Environment Program, 8% of all deaths of children under five years of age in the Solomon Islands are caused by these diseases.

Some of the few places that the citizens of Honiara can come to for clean water are Catholic schools, health clinics and feeding stations. Serving all people, those programs are supported when the donors of Boston use our enrollment cards and folders. By offering $3 for a sympathy, birthday, get well, thank you, or other special occasion card, your loved one receives the spiritual benefit of a shared remembrance in 15,000 Masses in the missions for one year. They are also recalled at a daily Mass at the Vatican celebrated for all members of The Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

Our five and ten year memberships, for an offering of $5 and $10 respectively, are presented in a padded leatherette folder with a glossy holy picture of your choosing on one side and the certificate of enrollment on the other. Perpetual Enrollments are available for individuals for a $50 offering and families for $100. Besides the spiritual benefits to the enrollee, your use of our greeting cards and enrollments provide tangible benefits to millions around the world who struggle every day to live in dignity – some only looking for a simple glass of clean water for their children.

For more information, please email, call 617-542-1776 or click here to go to the Enrollment page of our website.
-Maureen Crowley Heil

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