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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

God Is Ever Faithful

Weather is one of the unpredictable variables that confront our missionaries regularly. They must be concerned for the spiritual and physical well-being of the people they serve.  One of the most dangerous events is the wholesale flooding of villages; technology to mitigate the devastating effects that floods inflict on residents has not reached most mission areas.

Recently, I received a letter from Bishop Angelus Kujur, SJ of Purnea in India, chronicling his struggles in shepherding his diocese under terrible flood conditions.  The village of Sursar was among the first to be washed away and the last to be rescued. It was the army that managed to reach this remote hamlet. Those rescued have taken refuge in faraway relief camps leaving all their possessions behind.  Many are now afflicted by dehydration, diarrhea and bronchial trouble.
Though dangerous to do so, a few people stayed behind. "When we were leaving our village, we asked the ration shop to give us some supplies. They said since we are deserting our village, they won't give us anything. They also threatened to strike us off the records…So we designated a few young men to take care of the belongings of the village folks and came here," one man in the camp said. The water has begun to recede in his village. "We have sent some people there. They will come back and tell us if it is safe to return and then we will go back in a couple of days," he said.  A government officer was not so confident. "We don't think it is safe to send these people back for at least two months. If they return now, there are chances that more people will die of diseases than those killed in the floods," he said. (Daily News, UCAN India).
Bishop Kujur wrote to thank us for the Mass stipends we sent him.
I have received the letter and the cheque.  I am so grateful for your understanding and support.  Our people are under water. Some villages are submerged in the water; all the priests are busy helping the people.  I as the Bishop am all the time in the villages with the people.  Sometimes I don’t know whether I will find any road in the villages.  Often I am stranded in the muddy water.  But I find the way to reach home.  We continue to live in the providence of God.  God will not disappoint us.  Please remember us and pray for us.
Your contributions and Mass offerings to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith are immensely important to our missionaries.  They, and we, are most grateful for your support.
Rev. Rodney J. Copp, JCL

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